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Top Dating Tips for Larger Men

Do you have more of a keg than a six-pack? Larger men often lack confidence when it comes to dating, but it’s not all bad news.

Do women actually like larger men?

The simple, quick answer is yes. Some women don’t care if your body has seen better days and they aren’t necessarily chasing after male models.

A recent study found that 56% of women would rather date a confident plus-size man than an insecure bodybuilder.

When it comes to online dating or picking up women in bars, it is possible to find women who actually prefer larger men. With online dating, on a site like AngelicMatch.com, it can actually be easier to find women who don’t have any issues with dating larger guys.

Why? Your details are displayed on-screen, including a photo and the information you’ve entered about your height and body type, so if she does start exchanging messages with you, you already know it’s not that big of a deal to her.

Let’s be honest, you might not find someone that makes Angelina Jolie cry because she’ll never be that beautiful, but in all fairness its unlikely anyone else will either, no matter their body size.

You can certainly find a beautiful woman who wants to get to know you. Of course, you’ll havee to consider that some of these women might be on the slightly larger side of things themselves. But what about when you’re looking specifically for a “babe”? Well, that requires a different approach and a little more work on your part.

How do you find a woman who is into larger men?

The real trick is to get women to look past your body and get to your personality, so it really helps if you actually have a good personality to begin with. Some who like larger men are generally attracted to something beyond the physical, so be charming. If you’re a natural comedian, then you have a clear advantage. Although it’s a well-worn stereotype, women really do like men who can make them laugh — and you might find yourself laughing all the way to the bedroom!

Hopefully she’ll stop laughing while you’re actually in the bedroom and doing the deed, because that would be enough to put even the most confident of men off. It’s important to work with what you’ve got.

Sure, you might be a bit larger than her other potential matches, but that just means you have to make more of an effort with your appearance. Choose clothes that flatter your body-shape and invest in a decent haircut — a gentleman’s hair salon will have stylists who can help you with a style that suits the larger face.

Are women really only attracted to your wallet?

Sometimes, when you see a really attractive women hanging on the arm of a larger man, you wonder if any money has changed hands. Whether thin, fat or anything in the middle, it’s true to say that most men pay in one way or another, be it for meals and drink, cinema or concert tickets etc. But you do need to be wary of gold diggers — women who see dating a larger man as a job that they need reimbursed for.

On a night out, you can spot women who are in it for compensation by expecting you to buy all the drinks — which you will do happily as you try to charm them at the bar — before they ditch you unceremoniously at the end of the night.

If you find yourself dating a girl who is constantly expecting gifts and asking for loans that never get paid back, you’ve found a woman who is treating your relationship like a chore, and it’s time to extract yourself before things go any further.

Remember, some women truly do like larger men, so you shouldn’t need to compensate for a larger body with large investments. You should be buying a girl drinks or gifts because you want to, not because you’re afraid she’ll suddenly lose interest.

In conclusion...

There are plenty of women out there who really don’t care if your body dwarves their own — in fact, many prefer it. The instant gratification can be a little more difficult to attain if you’re a little (or a lot) overweight, but there are plenty of options out there for you.

As a larger man, you’re still an awesome guy, and there’s just more of you to be awesome. Patience is necessary, but by investing a little time and effort, you can certainly find a beautiful girl who wants to get to know you — all of you — better.

Make sure to join AngelicMatch.com free, and set up a killer profile — and be honest about who you are, it will mean that the women you end up talking to are already halfway to meeting up with you in person.

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